The Jason Parker Trilogy


Two superpowers are in a race to recover and exploit alien technology. To compete with the rumored Russian retrieval of an alien spacecraft found deep in Siberia’s Lake Baikal, the U.S. government orders two Navy saturation divers to risk everything to help salvage a spacecraft that may not even exist. It is up to Jason Parker to make sure the divers return safely from the deepest man-dive ever, but he cannot guarantee mission success. That is up to luck, and the bravado and heroism of the Navy divers.

The thriller Middle Waters was the beginning saga for diving scientist Jason Parker and Oceanographer Laura Smith. In Triangle, Russian submarines monitor diving preparations off the U.S. Gulf Coast, then attempt to sabotage the U.S. effort. What started as Russian curiosity, morphs into a deadly threat. To make matters worse, both the U.S. and Russia are targeting Parker and Smith for elimination, if the governments don’t get their way. As a result, Parker and Smith must struggle to survive at all odds, while trying to maintain world peace.

With the Presidents of both the U.S. and Russia vying for supremacy, and the American President’s own staff warning of potential catastrophes, the balance of world power, and even world survival, may rest on a liaison between Parker, Smith and two mysterious men with most peculiar powers. One is a blind remote viewer, and the other is a Troll named Truman.

The world will never be the same again.

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BLURB and Praise for Triangle

Triangle is a hard science fiction story full of surprises. Technically, it is chock full of accurate deep-water saturation diving, high-speed small jet piloting, high-level military operations, insightful black-ops descriptions, and even Oval Office conversations that come off as genuine. I am a former submariner, saturation diver, and pilot — Clarke nailed these, especially his Navy diver banter! This is a great read from a fine writer!   — Robert G. Williscroft, Ph.D.

A great story that builds on Middle Waters and challenges the reader to define the line between fact and fiction. — Thomas F. Swanick, Engineering Technician, Unmanned Test and Evaluation at Navy Experimental Diving Unit

This continuation of Middle Waters couldn’t get here fast enough! The story’s pace kept me glued to my seat, and the details were so well-written, I felt like I was watching a movie. Dr. Clarke’s use of real places, and realistic characters made it hard to believe it was really science fiction. Great read!


Excellent book; your imagination combined with your scientific knowledge and great writing…oh, and the hard work…all came together for an exceptional second book. I do not doubt that the third will be even better! — Rachel Ann Scott, Author, Physician, Journalist

It is a “GREAT BOOK” if you read Middle Waters – a novel, and enjoyed it, you will be in for a treat, I know Tom Swanick and Joseph JR Randy Fowler can agree on that for sure…..  Joseph JR Randy Fowler, hairy-chested Deep Sea Diver, Engineering Technician at Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center, Florida Highway Patrol


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“This SF thriller starts out well and displays some nice touches of humor…Clarke, a veteran Navy diving scientist, is especially effective in translating his expertise into fiction in the gripping opening chapter, as an unusual incident claims the lives of two divers…The mystery of the divers’ deaths, and a slew of other oddities…engage scientist Jason Parker”. — Publishers Weekly

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Volume 1, Middle Waters,  April 2015.

Volume 2, Triangle, published May 2017.

Volume 3, Dioscuri, release late 2018 – early 2019.