Life Support Consulting

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Clarke Life Support Consulting, (CLSC, LLC) is a consulting company based on over forty years of experience with military and civilian life support in subsea, dry land, air, and space environments. That experience has been applied to tactical life-support systems for Tier 1 operators, deep diving systems, tactical aircraft, and to problems on orbit with astronaut spacewalks.

Recently, that experience was used to support the Secretary of Defense’s cooperation with the COVID-19 Task Force, resulting in the FDA approval of a new ventilator concept, the Wilcox Patriot SAVR.

CLSC, LLC Credentials

Principal, John R. Clarke, Ph.D, FUHM (Fellow in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine)

Selected Life Support Background:

  1. Biomedical researcher in pulmonary function in humans down to 1500 fsw (450 msw)
  2. Conducted research in Pulmonary Over-inflation pathophysiology.
  3. Performed anesthesia, surgery, ventilation of research animals.
  4. Used positive and negative pressure ventilation in physiological research.
  5. Researched pulmonary ventilation by High Frequency Oscillation applied via positive pressure and chest wall oscillation.
  6. Troubleshot positive pressure oxygen systems in F-22 and F/A 18 jets, and explored pilot physiological responses to same. (USAF and NAVAIR funding.)
  7. Designed improvements in rebreather life support systems for miners (NIOSH funded).
  8. Conducted research on breathing bag utility in powered air-purifying respirators (resulted in the Wilcox SCOUT and Patriot hybrid SCBAs.)
  9. Developed an oxygen-saving design and procedures for Marine Recon rebreathers.
  10. Hold two patents in rebreather life support systems.
  11. Patent pending for FDA approved, Patriot SAVR ventilator.

For further information, see this Wiki page.