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A new fiction offering has been published. A short story.

Commercialized Time Travel as a boutique industry.

In all the millions of words I’ve read, I never came across Clarke’s time travel concept. This story ranks near the top of my long list of science fiction short stories.” Robert G. Williscroft, Bestselling author of The Starchild Saga and The Oort Chronicles.

Shortly after Time Travel is commercialized, a boutique specialty focuses on identifying and tracking human souls through their unique energy “fingerprints”—fingerprints that remain unchanged through all incarnations of that soul, swapping from one gender to the next, and even while inhabiting Earth or off-planet locations.

In the mid-21st Century, commercial time travel to experience a soul’s previous lifetimes becomes a most exotic and expensive recreational adventure, taking the explorer on individualized trips back through time. Through Spirit Writing, a fallout of time travel, we follow a Tennessee family that drops in on its Scottish Highlander forebears in the 1620s, rebounding back to Atlanta in 2040, then on to Boston and Hungary in 2080. Soul connections, multi-generational romance, and devastating foibles highlight this tale.

Also available as an EPub at Barnes & Noble.

The Jason Parker Trilogy 

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Scientist, diver, author, aviator, musician, tickler-in-chief, wanderer, struggling gardener, and wonderer.

(wonderer: a “futurist” without the fancy title.)


Volume 1, Middle Waters,  April 2015.  

“A buoyant undersea-alien yarn…”– Kirkus Reviews 

“It’s part of a tradition that spans Jules Verne to James Cameron, and Clarke—a diving scientist who has studied all of the ways that calamity stalks the conceited, the careless, and the unlucky in the unforgiving deep—writes with authority.” –Max McCoy, award winning author and journalist, writer of four licensed Indiana Jones adventures for Bantum.

“Odd disappearances and deaths, UFO’s, and incredible deep-sea technology threaten to submerge naval scientist Jason Parker in alien intrigue.” –Kirkus Reviews

Volume 2, Triangle, published May 2017.


Volume 3, Atmosphere, published May 2019.     When saving the world is not enough.

“It’s a satisfying trip for the mind that … nicely blends blazing adventure sci-fi with the more thoughtful, speculative variety pondering humankind’s destiny.”

Kirkus Reviews