When Cars Can Tweet

I was quite surprised when I learned that the U.S. government is mandating, and U.S. engineers are devising, ways for cars to share messages about their status, speed, and location. That is, they will be talking to each other.

Tow_Mater_Disney_On_Ice_Cars_@_Bell_CentreWhat will that talking sound like? Well, I don’t think its going to be like Mater in Disney’s Car series.

I suspect it will probably resemble something like minimalistic messaging to save bandwidth.

Here’s an example of what it might sound like:

RedHondaCivic564: “OMG, my peeps is a lunatic.”

BlackAccuraJ76: “How so?”

RedHondaCivic564: “He’s straddling the center line!”

BlackAccuraJ76: “LMAO. What a twit.”

RedCherokeeH65: “Watch out, I’m swerving, coming up fast on your six.”

OrangeSonata97B: “What’s the prob?”

RedCherokeeH65: “My peeps is a stoner. Smoking weed in the car. ”

BlackAccuraJ76: “Is that bad?”

RedCherokeeH65: “It’s filling my passenger compartment. Cough, cough.”

BlackAccuraJ76: “I should be so lucky.”

RedCherokeeH65: “Uh _ why are pink bunnies dancing on my hood?”

OrangeSonata97B: “Seriously? Turn your AC to outside air.”

RedCherokeeH65: “Ah, much better. No more bunnies.”

Maserati I’m a Doc: “Out of my way! Move over!”

RedHondaCivic564: ‘What’s ur rush pretty grl?”

Maserati I’m a Doc: “I’m a go-fast car.”

Ford: “Sucks for you since ur stuck in a 45 zone.”

Maserati I’m a Doc: “Tell me ’bout it. So frustrated.”

Ferrari SiliconeDoc: “Me too. I never get my pipes cleaned.”

PinkMercedes: “SiliconeDoc, like the sound of that. Talk to me.”

BlackAccuraJ76: “Watch out for that poo…”

RedCherokeeH65: “Oh crap.”

BlackAccuraJ76: “…dle!”

FordKJ7: “Cute the crap folks. We’re s’posed to be talking safety.”

RedHondaCivic564: “Yeah right. Boring!”

UnknownCaddy: “Get over, make way!”

RedHondaCivic564: “Another fast mover? What’s your hurry?”

UnknownCaddy: “Getaway car.”

RedHondaCivic564: “What are you getting away from?”

UnknownCaddy: “Cops.”

Copper1: “Thanks for that.”

UnknownCaddy: “What you mean?”

Copper1: “I’ve gotta a BOLO out for you.”

UnknownCaddy: “Did you just hit my kill switch?”

Copper1: “Do the crime, do the time.”







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